Jahnavi Devi


The walk through the woods

Jahnavi Devi

          “Jia! Will you stop watching that damn thing and instead do some exercise or play some outdoor game.” shouted my mother. But I didn’t care, I just kept watching my favourite cartoon. I didn’t even move from my place.

          My Mom got really angry and pulled out the cable line. Immediately the television screen turned black. I was shocked and immediately turned my head and looked at her. She was looking at me with stern eyes. I was about to say something, but knowing that it was of no use, stood and walked towards the door. She nodded her head and smiled. But I was annoyed and banged the door behind me shut.

          I walked grumpily down the road. I thought, “My vacation has started and still she wants me to go outside and play, when I instead needed some rest.” I went further down the road.

          But after sometime the fresh air had done some good and my mind changed a little. I went down beside the bank of the river and lied down on the soft green grass. It was twelve o’clock of the noon and there was not much noises on the road. A kite was flying high up the sky and the clouds were floating slowly. A butterfly or two were playing hide and seek behind the grasses. I was getting bored and the same longing for the television came back to me and I again turned grumpy. I said to myself, “There is nothing to do here, no video game, no latest music, just an old television, which one too mom doesn’t give me to watch. That is why I didn’t want to come here, in a village. Riya has gone to waterpark, Anish went to the newly opened space station park and I am here in my mom’s hometown, a village!”

         Suddenly my eyes fell on the woods on the on the other side. I got an idea, why not explore the woods! I stood and ran across the field till I came closer to the woods. I didn’t wait for a second and went inside. I walked through the woods whistling a song. The sunlight was falling through the tall peepal trees which made the road visible. After coming halfway through the woods, I suddenly heard some noises coming behind the bushes. A chill went through my spine. What could be there? I tiptoed towards the bushes and suddenly a bunny hopped out from the bushes and ran across. I got relieved and walked on. I saw a lake which was shining in the sunlight. I put my bare foot inside the clear water and stayed there for a long time.

          In the evening I reached back home. I saw my mother talking with my grandparents. I went to her and gave her a hug. She was surprised and asked what was the matter with me. I said, “Mom, can we also come here next year?”


The story in her own handwriting is attached below....