Ishanika Kashyap


Trees: Our life

Ishanika Kashyap

          Once there lived a very obedient and hardworking girl called Tina. She lived in a majestic cottage with her father and mother in Andheri, Mumbai. She spends most of the time planting saplings and goes birdwatching at Borivali Park. There she has her favourite walking trails. As per her routine, one bright and sunny day, she went to do bird watching at Borivali Park. While returning, she heard a strange sound. She was very frightened. She ran to her cottage as fast as she could. The next day also she heard the same sound, but this time she decided to find the cause of it. She went through the thick bushes and trees. There, the most astonishing scene awaited her. She saw a group of men cutting down the trees and another group catching honeybees and putting them in a tight container. One man noticed her.

          “Hey girl! what are you doing here? Run away from here at once!” said he.

          But Tina gathered courage and said, “No, I shall not run away. But did your parents teach you not to cut trees and catch animals and birds?”

          “Haha. Cute joke kid. Now clear off from here.” Screamed one.

          She tried to teach them the value of nature.

          “Do you know? If you cut trees, there will be no oxygen for you to breathe. The earth will be a deserted place with no greenery. No food to eat! And yes, if you kill animals and birds, there will be no birds to chirp and no honeybees to make honey. People like you are responsible for global warming. See, if you continue to do this, there will be nothing green at all. You are doing this for your benefit. But do you know that you are harming mother nature and most of all harming yourself only?”

          Saying so she burst into tears. The men listened to her long talk and thought about this for a minute. Then a man said, “Ok then. We will not cause harm to trees or birds. Thanks for opening our eyes that we are doing such a shameful thing. Sorry.”

          They realised that they had made a grave mistake. They thanked her and set off. While returning home she remembered what her mother always says about fear that fear has two meanings:-

          ① Forget everything and run


          ② Face everything and rise.

Perhaps today she knew the actual meaning behind it.


The story in her own handwriting is attached below….

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